Sponsor Spotlight: Mishkin

In this series of guest articles, Gaslands developer Glenn Ford provides some list-building and tactical advice for getting the most out of each sponsor in the Death Race scenario. This week: Andre Mishkin.

Example Team:

  1. Gyrocopter with Magnetic Jammer, Oil Slicks, Caltrops, Glue Dropper, Smoke, Mines and the Rapid Fire perk
  2. Car with a Thumper and Grenades
  3. Buggy with Kinetic Super Booster, Molotovs and the Rocket Thrusters perk

Some will favour the Arc Lightning Project, but the advantage of electrical weapons such as the Thumper and the Kinetic Super Booster is that they can be used both offensively, to attack your enemies and also tactically, to assist your teammates.

The Thumper flips everyone within medium range, causing two hull damage and uncontrolled movement, except your Buggy, which avoids the damage thanks to “Roll Cage” and instead, thanks to “Rocket Thursters” gets a free move option from four available templates that will ignore other vehicles. A well-timed Thumper shot can totally reverse the order of a race.

The Kinetic Super Booster can assist your own vehicle, should it suffer a wipeout or even if you don’t quite manage to shift-up in a given activation. Offensively, the Booster can kill off vehicles that need to turn near the board edge (cheap but satisfying) or seriously damage those need to turn aside from heavyweigh obstacles, since 5th and 6th gear will leave them very few options. Also, if an enemy wipes out and gets spun unpleasantly such that it needs to reverse, a little booster shot removes that option for them. The Kinetic Super Booster is an evil little tool when deployed cleverly.

Ideally, the grid should have car, then buggy, with gyrocopter at the back. Keep in a solid pack until gate 1, Thumper your buggy clear and watch it zoom ahead to the finish line. Your gyro – with it’s arsenal of toys – is an easy vote generator, but it is fragile. Run the gyro wide of the field, since oppoents will take them down quickly, and they are even vurnerable to handguns. Instead, fly the gyrocopter up to any vehicles that get away from your car and bugy and slow them up with dropped weapons. Alternatively, if your major problem is a Rutherford team shooting you up, rapid firing the gyrocopter’s Magnetic Jammer can happily shut down a very heavy offence single handedly.

Hopefully this illuminates some of the mad science Mishkin allows you to deploy in search of that prime-time Gaslands victory. Check back next week for another Sponsor Spotlight, and in the meantime: buy official Gaslands accessories!