Sponsor Spotlight: Miyazaki

In this series of guest articles, Gaslands developer Glenn Ford provides some list building and tactical advice for getting the most out of each sponsor in the Death Race scenario. This week: Miyazaki.

Example Team:

  1. Performance Car with the following perks: Evasive, Powerslide, Slippery, Chrome Whisperer, Moment of Glory, Expertise and Handbrake Artist (40 cans)
  2. Buggy with the Moment of Glory and Expertise perks (10 cans)

Probably the most important thing about Miyazaki is that she gives you access to the very wonderful Daring Perks. If you think you might find yourself in crowded fields of lesser drivers you might consider swapping out “Handbrake Artist” and “Slippery” for “Stunt Driver” but, in my opinion, you should never be tempted to take a less tricked-out performance car in return for another buggy or bike, or to upgrade your secondary vehicle more. I know that’s 40 cans for 8 hull points, but if you’re not up for living on the edge I suggest you select another sponsor!

The buggy is there to give you grid control. If you can set up first: take the inside line for the performance car, with the buggy behind it to stop a heavyweight vehicle with a ram shunting you off the line and ending your race before it begins. This also means the buggy can rear-tap you for a “Slip Away” reaction, giving you two activations in the first gear phase of the game.

If you aren’t able to get the first deployment, set up the buggy on the front of the grid and just drive the performance car off to the side, around the the gate and the pack, avoiding trouble. It’s important to note that you don’t actually need to pass the start line gate to legally begin the race (see page 40).

From the grid onwards, you can either use the buggy to hold up the pack, making “Showing Off” easier in later turns after it is enevitably wrecked (because you only have one vehicle in play), or you can keep it around to bump-start you with a “Slip Away” after a nasty wipeout. Keep in mind that “Slip Away” grants you a free activation regardless of the gear you are currently in, and then you can slam the gas down to shift up to qualify for a proper activation in most gear phases. You are FAST. Don’t forget that.

As a skill driver, remember your economy is about hazard tokens over hull points. A Miyazaki driver in a high enough gear with low enough hazards is essentially untouchable thanks to “Evasive Maneuvers”.  Keep an eye out for exploding vehicles though, as you can’t evade that damage and terrain doesn’t block it. Explosions are doubly bad news for you as they carry hazard tokens which might wipe you out and reel you in.

Try to activate the performance car first so if it qualifies for “Showing Off” you can use the buggy’s “Moment of Glory” to pick up the votes. Also: avoid spending votes on your buggy.

Your most important and, more to the point, stylish tool is “Power Slide”. With it, you can obtain straight-line speed by sliding out of a straight with another straight, you can hairpin in sixth gear provided you do it at the end of a long straight and you can pull of almost any directional movement you want by sliding turns and swerves off of each other. The mark of a well-played Miyazaki activation it that your opponents will ask “wait, can you DO that?!” multiple times with incredulity.

If you haven’t used “Moment Of Glory” yet, you can even pick templates that will stack you right into a wall, secure in the knowledge that you’ll be sliding out long before the impact.

The vital thing to remember is to race, not fight. You need to be at the front of the pack when you hit gate 1 and clear of gun range shortly after. If you’re still in the pack by gate 2, don’t expect to make it to gate 3.

Finally, be aware of your opponents’ max gear when you go to pass them.  Don’t pass them in gear phase 4 and hand them a chance to bash you, take an outside track and safely burn them out with medium and long powerslides in gear phases 5 and 6. They’ll break you if they catch you, but if they catch you, they’ll have earned it!

I hope this helps you get familiar with Yuri Miyazaki’s high-stakes brand of stunt driving. Check back next week for another Sponsor Spotlight, and in the meantime: buy official Gaslands accessories!