Warzone Expansion Released!

Brutal games of interstellar corporate warfare

I’m extremely excited to account the release of Warzone, the first expansion for A Billion Suns. It has always been my intension to provide new Contract Sets for A Billion Suns, to provide new ways to play the game, with new missions, new special rules, and even new ship options.

Warzone is the first new contract set for A Billion Suns. It allows players to use A Billion Suns to tell brutal stories of military might and system-shaking clashes of far-future weaponry.

A Billion Suns, played with the Core Systems contract set provided in the rulebook, is a game of cleverly and frugally assigning resources, telling stories of industrial espionage and resource capture.

The Warzone contract set changes the feel of A Billion Suns considerably. The Warzone contract set allows players to play an all-out war between their two corporations. The stories these new contracts tell are different, and you’ll find a host of new tactical questions to wrestle with.

A Billion Sun: Warzone expansion contains:

  • Warzone Contract Set: eight new missions for A Billion Suns, emphasising military might
  • Expanded rules for playing massive space battles
  • New ship classes, including Battle Carriers and Defense Platforms
  • New Utility Ship tactical loadouts, to bring new options to the fight
  • New Battlezone effects, for fighting in deep space or in crowded debris fields
  • Warzone Campaign rules to link your battles into an all-out corporate war

I’m releasing A Billion Suns: Warzone as ‘pay what you want’. I want you to have it, and play the game more. If you want to buy me a coffee, to accelerate work on the next A Billion Suns expansion, that is greatly appreciated!

Behind the Scenes

On episode 23 of our RULE OF CARNAGE podcast, Glenn and I took some time to retrospect on the design challenges this expansion posed. Hope you enjoy this chat!