BLASTER is an indie tabletop gaming anthology, featuring contributions from some of the best indie designers working in miniature gaming. Collecting both expansions to the author’s existing games and new stand-alone skirmish games, BLASTER is an unique product in the world of tabletop miniature wargaming.

BLASTER features the talents of Mike Hutchinson (Gaslands), Joseph McCullough (Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep, Oathmark), Ash Barker (Guerrilla Miniature Games, Last Days Zombie Apocalypse), Joey McGuire (Reality’s Edge, This is Not a Test), Sean Sutter (Relicblade) and Greg Horton (Graphic Designer).

I’m using it to publish expansions for Gaslands and A Billion Suns, and as a way to publish new games in an awesome regular format.

Check out BLASTER here.