Hobgoblin is a fast and elegant wargame of brutal fantasy mass battles.

HOBGOBLIN is a game of brutal old school fantasy battles for people who want to put all their miniatures out on the table in sweeping battlelines and see them die in glorious battle without needing to set aside a whole day to play.


I wrote HOBGOBLIN to be exactly the fast and bloody rank-and-flank battle game that I want to play with my fantasy armies. Big, brutal, fast.

I had two objectives in writing HOBGOBLIN:

  1. I wanted a game that could stay fast and exciting even when played with massive armies, and I have removed anything that would slow that down.
  2. I wanted a game in which any model I choose to paint is a viable choice on the battlefield. This inspired the flexible ‘build what you want’ army building rules.

We have a glorious hardback version of HOBGOBLIN, thanks to 1,234 fine folks on Kickstarter.

Army Builder

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