Planet Smasher Games

Planet Smasher Games is an independent tabletop games design studio founded by Mike Hutchinson after the success of Osprey-published car combat game Gaslands. We make unreasonably fun tabletop miniature games.

Our Games

Mike is constantly writing tabletop miniature games. Our currently available games are: Gaslands – Post Apocalyptic Vehicle Carnage (Osprey), A Billion Suns – Interstellar Fleet Combat (Osprey), and Hobgoblin – Brutal Fantasy Battles (Electi). Perilous Tales – Thrilling Solo Adventures is currently available in beta as a free download.

Our Ethos

We produce exceptionally good rules for tabletop miniature games. Our hallmark is prioritising gameplay above everything, delivering surprising, fun and highly re-playable tabletop experiences.

Our games are great because we use modern product development techniques, iterate fast, hold nothing sacred, and test everything we do with large numbers of real players.