Planet Smasher Games

Planet Smasher Games is an independent tabletop games studio founded by Mike Hutchinson in 2015. We make unreasonably fun tabletop miniature games, including Gaslands (Osprey, 2017 & 2019), A Billion Suns (Osprey, 2021), Hobgoblin (Electi, 2023) and many more!

Our Games

I have a habit of writing about myself in the third-person, but Planet Smasher Games is mostly just me (Mike) with help from good friends, like Glenn Ford, and my awesome communities.

I am constantly and obsessively write tabletop miniature games. Some are published through major publishers, and some, like Perilous Tales – Thrilling Solo Adventures are currently available direct from me, as Early Access titles.

Our Ethos

We produce exceptionally good rules for tabletop miniature games. Our hallmark is prioritising gameplay above everything, delivering surprising, fun and highly re-playable tabletop experiences.

Our games are great because we use modern product development techniques, iterate fast, hold nothing sacred, and test everything we do with large numbers of real players.