Best Miniatures Rules 2024

HOBGOBLIN has won the UKGE Judge’s Choice for Best Miniatures Rules 2024.

I wrote the first draft of Hobgoblin in 2015, and the game is still mostly built on the same engine that I wrote back then. However, through my collaboration over the last two years with Greg Horton (Electi Studio), Stuart Warren (fiction coach and editor) and David Hoobyah (lead editor), Sean Sutter (art and photography) and CROM (lead artist), the game was elevated beyond anything I had originally imagined. I’m delighted that the quality and creativity shines through and the folks on the UKGE judges panel agreed.

I was lucky enough to win this award in 2018 for the first edition of Gaslands, and I’m so proud and happy to have Hobgoblin recognised in this way. UKGE has two awards in each category, the Judge’s Choice and the People’s Choice. I won them both in 2018, and I’d love to go the double again.

Voting for the UKGE People’s Choice awards is open during the weekend of the show, Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 Jun 2024, and I’d love your help and support in logging into the UKGE website that weekend and voting for me. I’ll post again at the time to let you know how you can help: thanks in advance!

Pick up a copy of the award-winning HOBGOBLIN by clicking this button here:

I’ll be at the UKGE show all weekend, demoing the game and selling rulebooks and card decks. Read more about the game here and have a flip through the rulebook with me here: