Gaslands is a tabletop game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem. With fast and cinematic rules, it is designed to be played with toy cars, allowing players to ram, skid and race their way through the wreckage of a burnt-out Earth. 

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First released in 2017 by Osprey Games, and then re-released in an expanded and revised Gaslands: Refuelled edition in 2019, it was the winner of Best New Miniatures Rules at UK Games Expo 2018. Learn more about the game here.

With flexible vehicle and team building rules (for everything from motorbikes to big rigs), varied special weapons and accessories (including oil slicks, caltrops and nitro boosters), and a ton of different game modes, Gaslands is the only post-apocalyptic car combat game you need.

Praise for Gaslands

UK Games Expo 2018 – Winner, Judges' Choice, Best New Miniature Rules
UK Games Expo 2018 – Winner, People's Choice, Best New Miniature Rules

Best Miniature Rules
Gaslands was the winner of both the Judges’ and People’s Choice Awards for Best New Miniature Rules at the UK Games Expo 2018.

“Continuing the Osprey formula of engaging game worlds, explored through tight, eminently playable rule sets, all presented in slim, inexpensive rulebooks with lovely and evocative artwork, you can get deep into Gaslands with little cash outlay.” – Boing Boing /Wink

“This little 64-page paperback books is… INCREDIBLE. Gasland’s rules are simplified, the weapons aren’t over the top, and the playing area is well-defined-you’re racing in a televised free-for-all, so there are goals and a finish line to keep the game on track. Movement, field of fire, and collisions are all simple to understand, and you’ll be up and racing quickly.” – GeekDad

“There’s a new hobby obsession in my life that I am in love with and it’s called Gaslands.” – The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast

“In Gaslands (think: a breezier, less crunchy, more modern Car Wars) there are no ranges of miniatures to draw from. Instead, the game encourages you to Mad Max-ify Matchbox and Hotwheels cars to use in your games. How much fun is this? Lots.” – Boing Boing

“The value of [Osprey Wargame] books is unbelievably good. Generally, $20 can get you an interesting ruleset with great artwork.” – Jacob Stauttener, Must Contain Minis

“I like this better than X-Wing by far! … I highly recommend this game…. It jumps up off the table. You can feel the mud flying around.” – Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Reviews

“It’s Awesome!” – Ding & Dent

“This book is 20 bucks. All you have to buy is some Matchbox cars, which go from a dollar…down to sometimes as cheap as 59 cents…. Your team is maybe three to six cars. So you’re at $26. You glue some bits to them, you spray them down with some paint. You set up some very simple terrain and you’re ready to go.” – Tabletop Minions

“This game is a lot better [than Carwars].” – Rob’s Tabletop World

“Whether you’re a minis player looking for an excuse to let out your inner War Boy or someone looking to make use of your (or your child’s) toy car collection for a fast, fun skirmish game, Gaslands is great way to get onto the fury road for an hour or two.” – Geek & Sundry

“Gaslands is an insanely fun and addictive game. It’s affordability sets it apart from other miniature games. The variety of scenarios, options, and unpredictable gameplay makes Gaslands one of the rare games that gamers can get almost infinite replay value.” – Nerds on Earth

One of the most compelling things about Gaslands is that you spend around $13 for the rule book and then you have to basically build the rest of the game yourself. There are templates and markers in the back of the book to print out and mount, terrain and buildings to build, and most fun of all, you get to convert and Mad Max-ify toy cars.” – Boing Boing

There is an extremely fun game here packed in for a fantastic price.” – Must Contain Minis