SPACE GITS is a miniatures skirmish game about drunk-ass space orcs looting, shooting and scooting. It is in early access, and available to download now from Itch.

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Space Gits is a DEXTERITY-BASED miniatures game, involving dice tossing and stacking. Your drunk-ass orcs totter all over the place, shooting wildly and only vaguely under your control. Grab the loot, smash the other boys on their arses and leg it.

I wrote Space Gits as an excuse to play with both old school metal ork miniatures and new school resin ones. I also wrote it as an experiment to see (a) how far I can pull control away from you in a miniatures game while still keeping the game worth playing, and (2) if dice-dexterity mechanics can be as funny in a miniatures game as I always imagine they could be. Space Gits is also sort of the most ‘Gaslandsy’ minis game one could imagine.

How To Play

Feedback Wanted!

This game is still in development, and frankly is kind of weird. If you read it or play it, I’d love to hear what you make of it. You can find me in the Planet Smasher Games Discord server and I’d love to hear your thoughts:

Design Principles

When writing this game, I was thinking about these things:

  1. Drunk-ass space orcs
  2. Fighting should feel like playing Skulls
  3. Orcs are belligerent and ill-behaved
  4. Random movement that doesn’t suck
  5. Physicality and dexterity, not thinking
  6. Multiplayer funz 

Where can I get space orcs?