Sponsor Spotlight: Idris

In this series of guest articles, Gaslands developer Glenn Ford provides some list-building and tactical advice for getting the most out of each sponsor in the Death Race scenario. This week: Yandi Idris.

Example Team:

  1. Monster Truck with front-mounted Ram and Nitro Booster (32 Cans)
  2. Buggy with Nitro Booster and Hot Start (9 Cans)
  3. Buggy with Nitro Booster and Hot Start (9 Cans)

There’s nothing wrong with taking four vehicles with multiple Nitro Boosters, or a few with “Hell For Leather”, this just happens to be the Idris build I personally find most amusing. Try to avoid the temptation to take five or more vehicles, as most will find themselves at the back of the grid and will probably just get wrecked early on. Idris values quantity where Miyazaki values quality, but even Idris faces the law of diminishing returns.

If using this team, setup the Monster Truck a couple of lines back, activate it first and try not to giggle too much as you nitro over the rest of the pack. Don’t worry if you pop you own buggy on the way through: you only need vehicle to get over the finish line to win. In this team, any vehicle not in the front position can be sacrificed on the alter of your leader.

The cunning player will note that nothing in “Cult Of Speed” specifies that the long straight you select has to be permitted. The cult want to see drivers trying to go fast, they don’t mind if they burst into flames doing it. Given that you only value your lead vehicle, go ahead an select the long template for one of your laggards, let your opponent drive it into a wall, and then laugh as you use the resultant Audience Vote to further cement your front vehicle’s lead.

The aim with Idris is get into top gear fast and stay there. To achieve that, you need to master the art of driving in sixth gear. The only reason to ever leave sixth gear is the perceived need to steer. Chumps steer. You have slides and spins: steering is a needless frippery. With both a slide and a spin, a long straight can be a sharp U-turn. The art is in planning a route early and, if possible, giving yourself at least two activations during which you need a slide or a spin before hitting a wall, but never bottle it and never change down. If nothing else, you will be banished from the Cult.

Remember, there always another buggy along in a minute, and one of them will get the right skid dice results to complete the entire race in sixth gear with a long straight ever activation, and when they do, you’ll get your own spin-off show.

I hope this help you jump-start your membership of the Cult Of Speed and gets you fired up for running a nitro-fueling Idris team. Check back next week for another Sponsor Spotlight, and in the meantime: buy official Gaslands accessories!