Welcome to hell. Whether you were stranded on an alien hellworld when your ship crash-landed; awoke among the monster-filled corridors of a drifting space hulk; or were literally dropped through a portal into the Infernal Realm itself: you are alone, heavily armed, and all out of bubblegum. There is only one way out of here: kill everything.

What is Berserker?

Berserker is a low-dice tabletop wargame in which you take control of a lone anti-hero who must blast their way through waves of increasingly dangerous foes to complete their mission. While you will actually need some dice to play it, the point is that you never roll dice to find out if your shots hit: you are a total badass, they always hit. The Berserker diceless combat engine is designed to provide an intense, fluid, skill-based tabletop combat experience. It asks you to cleverly manage your AP, HP and ammo, rather than asking you to roll hot. The removal of dice rolling also makes the game lightning quick. Killing enemies gets you bonus action points, allowing you to chain actions together for as long as your killing streak continues.

This game is a love letter to some of my favourite shooter franchises, and an experiment in whether or not I can make a miniature wargame into an urgent-feeling combat experience. It is built as a solo-friendly engine, with co-op support (and I might figure out how to make a head-to-head deathmatch thing later on). It provides rules for level design and waves of AI enemies, in order to deliver a game that feels like an action-FPS video game. You will die.

Expect to see Berserker in an upcoming volume of BLASTER.