Volume 4 of the BLASTER indie mini-gaming anthology is AVAILABLE NOW!

Alongside two new stand-alone miniature games from Joseph McGuire (This Is Not A Test) and Joseph McCullough (Frostgrave), and massive expansions to Sludge (Sean Sutter) and Last Days (Ash Barker) you’ll also find the exciting and ludicrous conclusion to the Gaslands: Legacy campaign.

Gaslands: Legacy is a narrative campaign expansion for Gaslands, in which your cars, teams and even your templates change from game to game featuring a range of legacy mechanics to ensure what is done cannot be undone. Part One of the campaign is in BLASTER Vol.3, and the conclusion of the campaign is now available in Vol.4.

The Story So Far…

Rutherford Inc. just unceremoniously pulled the plug on all its Earth-side factories, including the one you worked at. To protect their assets, it is standard practice to liquidate all the unwanted facilities. Unfortunately, the nanobot demolition systems responsible for this task appear to have gone rogue, and now a plague of microscopic machines are bent on turning everything within 1000 miles to digital slag.

Fleeing the bugs in whatever vehicles you were able to loot from the factory lot in the moments you had to make your escape, you appear to have stumbled across some kind of clandestine facility belonging to the GeneSys Corp.

From the looks of the gear laying about, they seem to be up to some pretty high-tech shit, but from the looks of the mutated semi-mechanical dinosaurs you just escaped, you have to assume the nanobot infection has actually already made it this far, which is bananas, as you’ve been racing virtually flat out.

The nanobots are insanely deadly, but they are only machines. If there is any place you might find the sort of computer nerds needed to fix this, it’s gotta be here. Let’s see if we can rustle up some tech support. We have to find some way to pull the plug.

What do I need?

The campaign started in BLASTER Volume 3, but you don’t need Volume 3 to get started. Read through the ‘Legacy Rules Recap’ section, create some new legacy teams, and jump right into the action at Chapter 6. You’ll miss out on some of the story that is revealed in the first five chapters, but you are still guaranteed four of the maddest games of Gaslands you’ve ever played!

You’ll need:

Carlos Pandiella

Legacy Vehicles

The vehicles you use in a Gaslands: Legacy campaign are built in a special way, using the Gaslands: Legacy online vehicle creator. Here’s how it works:

I hope you love the Gaslands: Legacy campaign, I worked really hard on it and I think it’s a really new and fun way to play Gaslands. Pick up both Volume 3 and Volume 4 of BLASTER to enjoy the full campaign.

Cheers! Mike