Last chance to buy BLASTER 1-4!

Starting May 15, 2023: BLASTER Volumes 1-4 will no longer be available, either as PDFs or in print, so grab them now if you want them!

This is your last chance to get the BLASTER volumes containing Martian Racing Federation and Gaslands: Legacy expansions, as well as the stand-alone sister game Mystic Skies.

If you are a collector and want to complete the first run of BLASTER Anthology: Volumes 1-4 you’ll want to make sure and do so before May 15, 2023.

Is BLASTER dead?

No! The long-awaited Volume 05 of BLASTER will be released in June 2023, but the format is changing.

Rather than an anthology containing multiple games or expansions from different indie designers, each volume of BLASTER will now present one game from one miniature game designer per issue and focus on becoming a voice and vehicle for new and upcoming indie designers to hit a broader audience.

I’m really excited about the format change, which comes both in response to player feedback and in response to the changing situations of the original founding members. (I mean, really, who expects a super-group to make more than two albums, let alone four!).

Will the Gaslands articles from BLASTER 1-4 be available stand-alone?

Yes! Find more information here.

Are YOU a game designer?

If you are an indie designer of miniature games (and therefore hopefully also a subscriber to the Rule of Carnage) you can submit a game for consideration to BLASTER here:

You can also get in on the action at the Rule of Carnage discord server.