Sponsor Spotlight: Verney

In this series of guest articles, Gaslands Lead Developer Glenn Ford (also known as Man O’ Kent Games) provides some list-building and tactical advice for getting the most out of each of the new sponsors found in Gaslands: Refuelled.

Jonathan Debacker

GLENN: In case you haven’t spotted the references, (Mike hadn’t), Verney is a character from Mary Shelley’s second most popular book. This makes it the first of our many nods to Frankenstein from Death Race 2000. (It is also an oblique reference to The Difference Engine, because more things in life should be).  As such Verney has a few things going on, not least is the ability to drop a home-made version of the Tombstone.  

Verney was built to be a team that takes the pain and keeps on kicking. Accepting the pummeling and dishing out some agony of its own.  Verney is either a brawler, daring opponents to knock themselves out on him, or a grinder, racing his own race with no one wanting to attack him.  Either way, he can be confident of being the last man standing, or at least with a one-man team and the ability to regenerate lost hull, having his whole team after re-spawning while everyone else is on a fraction of their starting points.

Crystal Bepis

Example Team

  • Pickup Truck with Mine Dropper, Caltrops Dropper, Roll Cage, Microplate Armor, Mobile Mechanic, Eureka, Barrel Roll, Rocket Thrusters, Feel No Pain, and Splash Back.

So, the bad news is that you’ve got about six votes maximum. The good news is that with your 14 hull and mechanic on board you shouldn’t need too many. Still, try to make sure that people will hit your templates because any that get avoided is a lost vote.

Verney is one of the few teams that can take a single car build, but you will need to activate in all of your four gears, and you’ll need to be a patient soul, this is a team that grinds out its wins.  You do have one very neat little trick up your sleeve: make sure that you wipe out after your fourth gear activation since Roll Cage, Rocket Thrusters and Barrel Roll combine to mean that your wipe out flip move is the most manoeuvrability you get all game.  When you veer sideways as your flip your opponent won’t have seen it coming.  

James Moseley

As a brawler you’re most comfortable in the middle of the pack, they’ll all fall away before the end of the race anyway. Being in the centre of the ruckus means you get the most use out of Splash Back if anyone is fool enough to take a pop at you and Feel No Pain will protect you against the sort of casual pistol or crew fired weapons you’re most likely to suffer.  If possible keep a couple of hazards available, if someone looks like they’re going to run you drop the tombstone and watch them go out of their way to find a way around as a tasty t-bone turns into a likely fatal head-on.

Brian Freitas Freebie

Truck with Sludge Thrower + Mines + Napalm

This combo throws 8d6 plus Blast plus Fire at any target within Medium range–and instantly earns 2 Votes to boot. The key limitation is that you need 3+ Slots, which means you need a Truck. To help the truck get around reliably, add the following combo…

Bike with Satellite Navigation

For 7 Cans, you get a decent racer that helps everyone else on your team drive better. Bikes are the only vehicle with 5 Handling natively, and 5 is statistically the best number of dice to roll if you want extra Shifts.

Check out and awesome gallery of Verney builds right here.

Ben Grim

Have you shelled out for Verney’s custom builds? Got any other tips for spreading the dropped weapon love around? Let us know in the forums or in the official Facebook group.

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