Gamma Testing – Now Closed

Hello everyone. I have some bad news and I have some good news.

The Bad News

We have had problems with the art. After two delays, the Osprey team have had to reset, delaying the launch a third time while they re-commission the illustrations. This is disappointing, but these things happen. The release date in all formats is now February 2021.

The Good News

In order to make the most of this unexpected time before launch, I’m reopening playtesting for three months!

The book is already finished and laid out, so we can’t make any major changes, but it’s still more than possible to tweak numbers. With this in mind, the objective of this open “Gamma testing” period is to look for any tweaks to the stats, point costs and contract scoring.

Head over to the Playtesting page to download the gamma rulebook and please share game reports and thoughts in the Facebook group. Access to the gamma rulebook will be open until August 11th and please don’t host the file anywhere or share it directly. Thanks!


Playtesting Remotely on TTS

During lockdown, may I recommend taking a look at this groovy Tabletop Simulator module from the awesome Al Fuchs (thank you!) which will allow you to playtest A Billion Suns with your gaming buddies remotely.

In space, no one can here you scheme!Gamma Testing Open For Summer 2020