A Billion Suns: Interstellar Merchants

Become an Interstellar Merchant to sell A Billion Suns tokens, ships, terrain and accessories in your online store.

After the rollicking success of the Friends of Gaslands scheme, I’m opening up a similar scheme for those wanting to sell accessories for A Billion Suns.

Check out all the awesome Interstellar Merchants here.


If you want to produce your own accessories for A Billion Suns for your own personal use, then go ahead! If you want to produce and sell accessories for A Billion Suns, then you must be an Interstellar Merchant.

For A Billion Suns, it is permitted to produce and sell both game accessories and miniatures (either ships or terrain).

Game Accessories: Designing, producing and selling physical or digital tokens, cards, dice or other gaming accessories for A Billion Suns is permitted. Feel free to use my designs, or create your own, and sell them wherever and however you like (except for on Kickstarter or similar). If you have an idea for something that isn’t on that list, just get in touch!

Miniatures: Designing, producing and selling physical or digital spaceship miniatures, terrain or scenic elements (e.g. jump gates, space stations, steroids, etc.) are all permitted.

I’ve kept the rules simple to make it as easy as possible for people to be creative, and if everyone sticks to them, A Billion Suns should grow and be a success for everybody. If people don’t follow the rules, I will remove their posts from the forums, official Facebook groups and so on.

Becoming an Interstellar Merchant

Becoming an Interstellar Merchant is easy: just support the Planet Smasher Games Patreon at the relevant $4 a month level. You are a Friend of Gaslands for as long as you are a current Patreon backer. I’ve also added a “Friends of Planet Smasher Games” discounted bundle tier if you wish to produce and sell accessories for any of my games.


Becoming A Billion Suns Interstellar Merchant does not constitute a licensing agreement for the A Billion Suns IP. By becoming A Billion Suns Interstellar Merchant, your accessories are not “official”, but it basically means that we’re cool, you are free to use the brand name “A Billion Suns” in your listings and keep any money you make from selling your accessories, and you can advertise through the official website, Facebook groups etc.

Interstellar Merchants

Check out all the awesome Interstellar Merchants here.


Click the following for high-res versions of the logos:

Game Logo (PNG)
Interstellar Merchant Logo (PNG)

Thanks for supporting A Billion Suns!