Wasteland Diorama Painting Competition

Gaslands is supported by a series of free-to-download PDF expansions, called Gaslands: Time Extended!

The next issue brings the long awaiting wasteland campaign system to Gaslands players. It will allow you to build a racing team and watch it bang and dent its way to victory, infamy or something more nefarious…

As with the previous issues of Time Extended!, we want to feature the best of the Gasland community’s converting and painting skill, and this might be our highest risk competition yet.

We want to see the best WASTELAND DIORAMA!

Build, paint up and photograph your best WASTELAND DIORAMA, and email the photos to submissions@gaslands.com. The best will be featured in the next issue of TIME EXTENDED!

Closing date: 1 February 2019

HIGH RESOLUTION means greater than 2000 pixels on it’s shortest side (ideally over 3000) and uncompressed, so likely at least 4MB filesize or larger. Smartphone cameras are to be avoided, borrow a camera off that photography nerd friend of yours.

BACKGROUNDS should be either flat white (use a big bit or paper or a bed-sheet) or a nicely laid-out diorama. I can’t accept things with workbench backdrops.

COPYRIGHT: avoid anything too obviously a big entertainment brand. Unless highly disguised, GW Ork buggies and Transformers toys will likely have to get turned down for legal reasons (although I defer to Osprey on these questions always.)