Truckasaurus Painting Competition

Very soon, Issue Two of Time Extended (TX2), a free-to-download expansion for Gaslands will be released, featuring the most awesome builds from our Pirates & Raiders painting competition.

UPDATE: Check out the winners here.

The next official painting competition is a doozy, and might give you some clues as to the theme of TX3…

Convert, paint up and photograph your best TRUCKASAURUS vehicle for Gaslands, and email the photos to The best will be featured in the next issue of TIME EXTENDED!

Closing date: 1 September 2018

In order to build your Truckasaurus, you might very well need this sneak peak from TX3, a new vehicle type:

Heavy Truck (25 Cans)

Heavyweight, Hull Points: 14, Handling: 2, Max Gear: 3, Build Slots: 5, Crew: 4.

We want to feature YOUR Truckasaurus builds in the next issue of TX. To see your legendary gas-powered monster in the next Gaslands expansion:

  1. Build an awesome and badass truckasaurus
  2. Paint her up nice
  3. Take a couple of clear, in focus, well lit photographs of her on a white background and email high resolution images to

Closing date: 1 September 2018

HIGH RESOLUTION means greater than 2000 pixels on it’s shortest side (ideally over 3000) and uncompressed, so likely at least 4MB filesize or larger. Smartphone cameras are to be avoided, borrow a camera off that photography nerd friend of yours.

BACKGROUNDS should be either flat white (use a big bit or paper or a bed-sheet) or a nicely laid-out diorama. I can’t accept things with workbench backdrops.

COPYRIGHT: avoid anything too obviously a big entertainment brand. Unless highly disguised, GW Ork buggies and Transformers toys will likely have to get turned down for legal reasons (although I defer to Osprey on these questions always.)