Sponsor Spotlight: Warden

Gaslands developer Glenn Ford bring his series of guest blog posts to an explosive end with an overview of the list-building and race-track tactics for The Warden Cadeila!

Example Team:

  • Prison Car with Ram, Caltrops and Battlehammer, Crowd Pleaser, Powder Keg, Cover Me, Madman and Road Warrior (26 Cans)
  • Prison Car with Caltrops, Cover Me, Powder Keg (12 Cans)
  • Prison Car with Caltrops, Cover Me, Powder Keg (12 Cans)

Racing with The Warden is (ironically) very liberating. If you get wrecked, just explode and re-spawn. If you wipeout: burn rubber with Crowd Pleaser.

The key is to load up with ammo tokens and take “Powder Keg” to ensure you explode on a 2+ when you are wrecked. When you explode, not only do you get 3 Audience Votes (enough to re-spawn), your TNT-filled chassis will go up in a colossal 6D6 hazard-laying fireball scorching everyone within medium range, and they won’t get three votes when they explode.

The Warden can’t be out-fought, because taking out your prisoners is just playing into your strengths, but you can get out-raced. The list above is built to kill right from the starting gun, without having to wait for gate 1 and weapons to activate (beyond which point you might not be able to pull back the lead). Use “Cover Me” from the two cheaper cars to ensure the Battlehammer always activates with at least two hazards on and feel free to place him on the front of the grid. Hold-off activating that front car until last, as other vehicles rear-ending him will only make him angry.

To avoid wiping out, keep the Battlehammer under nine hazards and can cause some damage. He can drop three hazards before the wipeout phase. With eight hazards, you can drop at least ten dice on its unfortunate victim, without even wiping out! So get him angry and send him hunting Miyazaki or Idris driver with the audacity to actually race.

As long as no-one gets further than medium from the pack, eventually Warden will win, so it’s your job to reel them in. Ignore vehicles with max gear 4, but ruthlessly ram into jelly everything with max gear 6. Don’t be lured into a race, the real racers will easily out-run you and the moment you get beyond medium from the pack, you’ll catch a Rutherford rocket up the tailpile, wasting perfectly good fireworks. A choice between racing and ramming is no choice at all for the The Warden. Remember, your drivers are death-row convicts, your job is not to get them home safe.

Thanks for tuning in for our “Sponsor Spotlight” series, and we hope you have some ideas for chrome-crunching rubber-burning death race teams now. Let us know your ideas for alternative builds and tactics, either in our Facebook Group, on here in our Forums.