Night Of The Living Dead

A Halloween Scenario for Gaslands

In order to play this scenario, you’ll need the Gaslands playtest rules, which are yours for free if you sign up to be a playtester.


Get a box of ZOMBIES!!! Or a bag of zombies. Whatever. Get a big ol’ pile o’ 15mm zombies. Soft plastic zombies preferably. Glow in the dark for bonus points. Edible zombies for maximum points. There should be more than 10 zombies per player.

Tip the zombies into the play area. Just throw them on there and spread them around like a big knife-full of brain-dead marmite.

Next: stand them all up. All of them. Having fun yet? Good.


Each player selects one vehicle.

Each player puts their chin on the edge of the tabletop. Each player takes his or her vehicle and places it on the tabletop. It must be touching their own face. It must not be touching anyone else’s face.


Roll for initiative and play as normal.


You may attack other vehicles.  You cannot shoot zombies.

If you are WRECKED, you must throw 5 zombies from your collection at your wrecked vehicle. Next, you get to deploy a new version of the same car again. Use the same chin/face setup rules as before. You start in 1st gear.


Any zombie that your vehicle or your maneuver template touches during your move is run over and you may collect (or eat, if edible).

The player who has collected the most zombies after the last zombie is run over is the CHAMPION for this year.

If you are using edible zombies, there is literally no way to determine a winner. You are all winners.

2nd image taken from Zombie Rider: Run Smashing Car