Martian Racing Federation

Martian Racing Federation is a new game mode for Gaslands, in which you pilot high-speed anti-grav racers across the red sands of Mars. It uses the Gaslands movement templates but is a stand-alone game in its own right. All the rules you need to play are included in BLASTER Archives: Martian Racing Federation (PDF).

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In Martian Racing Federation the vehicles are high-tech, high-spec, exquisitely expensive and lovingly maintained. Because of this, the Martian Racing Federation game mode changes many of the fundamental rules of Gaslands. Covert up some high-tech grav-racers and tear across the dusty plains of the Red Planet!

If you want to read a bit more about the “behind the scenes” process that went into designing this game mode, check out this post from developer Glenn. If you want to see how I made the grav racers pictured here, check out this blog post.


Improve your games of Martian Racing Federation with these movement and quick reference cards:


Somehow, we managed to miss an entire table out of the “Canyon Run” scenario. If your copy is missing the table for generating terrain pieces, this is what is should say: