Gaslands Survey 2024

Hello! It’s Gaslands Mike here, and I want to know what YOU think.

Some of you might know that I recently quit my job, and I’m experimenting with working on Gaslands (and the rest of my games) full time. I’m happy to admit I haven’t really been able to make a ton of time for Gaslands over the last couple of years, due to (frankly overwhelming) work commitments which is disappointing because it’s my baby.

I’m chatting to Osprey at the moment, to figure out what to do next with Gaslands, and I’d like to know what YOU think. I’ve got a survey. It’s not a ton of questions, but it would really help me figure out what the right thing to do with Gaslands next is. If you could take a minute to click the button below and tell me what you think. That would really help me.

All the questions are optional, just share with me what you are comfortable sharing. I can’t give you any promises about what’s happening next with Gaslands, but I do promise that if you take the survey, I will read what you write.

Data Privacy Notice: The information you provide will be read by me alone. I’ll likely summarise the results to share with Osprey, but I promise not to share any of your data with those bastards on Mars.