Gaslands: Refuelled!

Since the release of Gaslands in late 2017, we have been supporting the game with the Time Extended! downloadable expansions. These have provided an awesome platform to experiment with and expand the game, adding a ton of stuff that we couldn’t fit into the original book.

Thanks to the tremendous enthusiasm for the game, and the huge interest in the downloadable expansions, Osprey have generously agreed to re-release Gaslands in a REVISED and EXPANDED hardback edition. Gaslands: Refuelled is due for release on 19th September 2019!

Gaslands Refuelled [2019, 192 pages]

Revised & Expanded

GASLANDS: REFUELLED will be a revised and expanded version of Gaslands, presented in a beautiful stand-alone hardback edition. Featuring all of the material introduced in the Time Extended supplements, updated core rules that factor in the feedback from the Gaslands community, and exclusive new content, this is the ultimate “Director’s Cut” of Gaslands!

The community reaction to Gaslands have been overwhelming, and I’m so excited to be able to give people the biggest and best Gaslands yet. I’d like to give a huge thank you to the fantastic beta community for their hard work on making everything in revised edition as fun and awesome as possible. 

Thank you to everyone that has played and enjoyed Gaslands. Thank you to everyone that has given us feedback, and thank you twice more to everyone that has introduced Gaslands to a friend! The growth of the game, which is my first ever published game, had just been epic.

This is me literally in the middle of re-organising the Gaslands rulebook!

Learning More

If you want to learn more about the new book, check out these great video reviews:


A new Gaslands book!? You might well have some questions! Here are some answers:

When will Gaslands: Refuelled be released?

September 2019, and you can pre-order it from various online retailers now.

Is there new stuff in Gaslands: Refuelled?

Yes! In addition to everything you have seen in TX issues 1-4, you will find a number of additional and exclusive things, including five totally new sponsors (including three new perk classes), new weapons and new scenarios! Although to be honest, my favourite part is the new rules for ramps.

Is this a second edition of Gaslands?

Nope. All of the core rules of Gaslands remain the same. The rules text and layout has been revised to make the rules clearer and easier for new players, and reduce page flipping at the table, but nothing in the core mechanics of the game has changed.

Are my templates and dice still valid?

Yes. The are no changes to either the templates or the skid dice in this revised edition, so all your existing accessories are still completely valid.

What rules have changed?

What have changed a little are the weapons, upgrades, sponsors and perks. Nothing fundamental, just nips, tucks and tweaks to make the full range of team building options as exciting and balanced as possible. Costs have been tweaked, rules reworded, and in some cases, sponsors and perks have been modified to provide more fun options.

Nearer the release date, we’ll publish a fuller list of “what’s new” for veteran death racers to quickly get up to speed on all the subtler tweaks.

I’d like to give a huge “thank you” to the fantastic beta community on Facebook for their hard work on making all the options in revised edition as fun and balanced as possible.

Have you factored in my feedback?

The feedback from the online communities has been an insanely valuable source of inspiration for what to make better. I literally went back through every forum post and comment I could find to see where players have lost their way, or experienced uncertainty, to build a picture of the key areas to focus my red pen. 

Have you fixed rocket buggies?

Haha, yes! Rockets will go up to 5 cans and lose Blast, and buggies will be 6 cans. (There’ll also be a new weapon, the Bazooka, which does have Blast, but throws fewer attack dice.)

Will all of my existing teams still be valid?

Not guaranteed. With the changes in costs of some options, and the removal of a couple of options that we couldn’t quite make work (looking at you, APC), you might find a couple of your teams no longer quite fit into 50 cans.

Will there be a digital version?

Yes indeed!

Are the free TX downloads still going to be available?

Yes! We will keep all the TX’s available for download. If I can twist Osprey’s arm, we might even get them updated to reflect the revised rules!

Can I keep playing Gaslands without buying the new book?

Yes, of course!

We’d recommend that if any players at the table have the new book, play with those rules, otherwise, just ignore the new book and play with your current rules. As ever: your table, your rules.