Gaslands: Legacy (BLASTER)

Gaslands: Legacy is a huge new expansion for Gaslands, providing new rules for creating crazy cars and following their exploits over a series of narratively linked games, with a bunch of new legacy mechanics to evolve your vehicles and unlock paths through the story, and to ensure that whatever is done cannot be undone… Gaslands: Legacy is a totally new way to play Gaslands.

Gaslands: Legacy

$9.99 (PDF)
$14.99 (Soft cover)
$17.49 (Soft cover + PDF)

Getting Started

  1. Buy Gaslands: Legacy (BLASTER Archives)
  2. Create your legacy cars


To convince you to pick up the rules, you can check out the Gaslands: Legacy vehicle builder RIGHT AWAY! Grab some of your cars and see what you get!

What You Will Need

To play this Gaslands: Legacy campaign, you’ll need everything that you normally need to play Gaslands, plus the following:

  • A copy of Gaslands: Legacy (BLASTER Archives)
  • A copy of the Gaslands: Refuelled rulebook
  • Each player will need two toy vehicles which need to represent cars, performance cars, buggies or trucks, (see ‘Creating a Legacy Team’ below)
  • Each player will need a Legacy dashboard card for each vehicle
  • Each player will need their own printed set of Legacy templates
  • Three ‘corrosive pools’ terrain pieces between the players, which should be roughly Medium in diameter.
  • Some toy dinosaurs to menace the wastelanders later in the campaign

How is it “legacy”?

Every toy car in the world gets unique stats. Just type the name on the bottom of your car (or the name you have given the car) into the Gaslands: Legacy vehicle generator and you’ll get your build. If you want a different build, you’ll have to paint up a different toy car!

Bad stuff will happen to your templates. At the start of each campaign, you print a set of Gaslands: Legacy templates for your team and you can be sure bad stuff will probably happen to them (but I’ll let you discover exactly what yourself).

Does the legacy format mean I can only play it once? No. The narrative campaign has several branches for you to explore, and the legacy vehicle generator will give you a near infinite variety of cars. You are of course free to use either or both of the legacy rules and the legacy car generator outside of the narrative campaign, once you have played that through a couple of times.