I’m extremely proud to announce that Volume 2 of BLASTER is now available digitally and print-on-demand.

BLASTER is an awesome games anthology, featuring expansions to existing indie tabletop wargames and new stand-alone games.

Volume 1 contained a stand-alone version of Gaslands: Martian Racing Federation, and Volume 2 contains a completely new stand-alone game, Mystic Skies, co-created with Sean Sutter (Relicblade).

Mystic Skies

In this stand-alone tabletop miniatures game, players take on the role of powerful sorcerers riding atop magic carpets bent on carving out mystical kingdoms in the blasted deserts of Kummeria. These wizards raise gleaming magical towers from the living sands, seeking to claim dominion over these emerging areas of shimmering arcane power and defend them from their rivals.

Wizards move using Gaslands movement templates: zipping across the battlefield, casting spells to summon minions, control monsters, raise defences and attack enemies. They cannot win by themselves, and must use a clever combination of manipulation, swiftness and force to eliminate their opponent’s Tower of Sorcery before their rival can topple theirs.

Each wizard is accompanied into battle by a small band of men-at-arms, rogues and guards, well paid to defend their master’s tower from rampaging monsters, bandits and other nefarious sorcerers.


Each player needs a wizard on a cool flying mount, ideally a magic carpet or small monstrous beast. I’d highly recommend buying one of the totally, awesome carpet-rider Gnome or Goblins Wizards from Sean, but you can also pop a sorcerer on a piece of drinks can and paint it up like a carpet

You’ll each also need an item of scenery to represent their wizard’s Tower Of Sorcery. This is a great excuse to find or build and paint up a cool piece of terrain for your gaming table.

Each wizard will need a small collection of miniatures to represent their wizard’s minions. Two or three each of a warrior-type, an archer or missile-weapon type, and an engineer or saboteur type.

You’ll also need a small collection of miniatures to represent wondering monsters. These come in a small number of “classes”, so you’ll need the following to hand:

  • 2 “Monstrous Beasts”
  • 2 “Evil Champions”
  • 6 “Evil Warriors”
  • 10 “Evil Bowmen”
  • 10 “Beasts”

Again, Sean has plenty of awesome options for both the minions and the monsters, or you can dig into your existing collection of fantasy, historic or steampunk miniatures.


Tabletop Simulator

Because 2020, Mystic Skies is the first game I’ve written in which ALL the playtesting was done remotely, via tabletop simulator. I created a workshop mod for the game and Sean populated it with standies featuring his awesome illustrations.

To play Mystic Skies on Tabletop Simulator, click here.

Want to know more!?

Here’s me and Glenn chatting about the development of the game:


p47: “When a Level II or Level III model has received a number of wounds equal to its Wounds characteristic…

p56: There are two minor errors on the “Movement Template Summary” table. In short, all the template icons should be exactly the same as in Gaslands:

Volume 3 Teaser

BLASTER Volume 3 will contain a new expansion for Gaslands, called Gaslands: Legacy. You can find out more about it here.