Rotvärlden: Realms of Carnage

You possess an artefact of terrible power. It whispers foul words to you. Riches, glory and legend await, your path drenched in the blood of the weak. You can manifest creators of nightmare to fight at your side, and you know secrets long buried in the Rotvärlden.

Rotvärlden: Realms of Carnage is a fantasy warband skirmish game of exquisite quality, building on ideas from Mystic Skies, and set in the whole first explored in Hobgoblin. Your warband will be between 5-30 models, and the game will both support any fantasy miniature you throw at it, and provide a semi-random warband creator, to provide an in-build hobby-challenge generator. Gameplay features a focus on summoning and on your Haunted as a highly mobile commander, who cannot be everywhere at once. Planned to feature a number of distinct game modes, separately optimised for the best head-to-head and multiplayer experiences.

Rotvärlden is an endless maze of interwoven tunnels, caverns and catacombs forever growing downwards beneath the dead, frozen surface of the world. Its a subterranean world of claustrophobic corridors connecting cavernous voids that house mighty cities, lightless underground oceans, and yet stranger sights. 

The underground realms of the Rotvarlden are thrown into chaos when the Cursed Artifacts are discovered: each granting the bearer the power to manifest hosts of warriors and monsters, but at a terrible cost: draining their life-force and allowing the long-dead creator of the artifact to slowly possess them. The bearers of these cursed items of power become known as The Haunted.

You are one of the Haunted, consumed by ancient malevolence, and prosecuting a bloody campaign of conquest through cavern-cities of this nocturnal world. You have the power to manifest warbands of twisted and wicked creatures, and none shall stand between you and whatever your malevolent ancient puppertmaster has promised you.

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