Watch a game’s first steps

I probably should have been doing something else yesterday, but the question “what if chess had list-building?” triggered my imagination. I jotted down some initial notes in my notebook, and set about attempting to play the first game of it. As this would be the very first game, and only hours after it’s initial conceptual, I figured it might be fun to share it.

This is a very common way that I start game projects: a couple of pages of notes and then get it straight on the table to see if there is anything at all there. In this case, I think there might well be! It feels kind of cool, and the character card layout worked surprisingly well out of the gate.

You can’t have a look at the rules yet, because I haven’t written them down, but it looks like it might be quite a simple rulebook, so I’ll likely get inspired to type it up soon. Expect me to publish this on my page, probably in April, where it will be available to purchase as an early access game (and will be free to you if you are a Patreon supporter!).