Month 1 Retrospective


  • Finish outstanding game design on Pacific Command
    • Progress, but failed against this goal.
  • Grow the YT channel by another 50 subscribers
    • I got 40. Near miss. Hit that subscribe button, yo!
  • Grow the Patreon by another 5 supporters
    • I got 13!


  • Did playtesting of Pacific Command, worked on the arcade mode scenarios
  • Junk Space (and write up)
  • Hazard Cheque
  • Worked on Incunabula (resolution system and v2 write up)
  • Painting Hobgoblin army (and filming)
  • Caught up with Sean
  • Podcast interview (Diecast Breakdown)
  • Wrote draft Gaslands proposal


  • Released an update to Rotvärlden: Realms of Chaos
  • 3x textbook chapters
  • Hazard Cheque video
  • Retro video
  • Released The Floor is Lava prototype game to Itch (yet to do a video on it)

Games Played

  • Lord of the Rings x2 (two spider scenarios from the armies of the Hobbit book)
  • 4x Junk Space
  • 1x Hazard Cheque
  • 1x aborted Perilous Tales RPG session

Goals for the next two weeks

  • Three more text book chapters
  • Another video each week, to keep the pace up
  • Finish outstanding game design on Pacific Command

Likely activities for the next two weeks

  • Write up Pacific Command scenario changes
  • Playtest Incunabula
  • Playtest Junk Space
  • Release another prototype to Itch?