BLASTER Archives released!

I’m super excited to announce that all of my BLASTER articles have been re-released by Electi Studio as standalone books.

Mystic Skies

A stand-alone game of magic carpet riding sorcerers flying above the blasted sands on magical mounts to slay monsters, collect mana and raze enemy wizards’ towers.

$9.99 (PDF)
$14.99 (Soft cover)
$20.49 (Soft cover + PDF)

Gaslands: Legacy

A narrative campaign expansion for Gaslands, featuring unique legacy mechanics and a host of wild new rules.

$9.99 (PDF)
$14.99 (Soft cover)
$17.49 (Soft cover + PDF)

Martian Racing Federation

Get ready for exhilarating high-speed anti-grav racing with this a new game mode for Gaslands.

$6.99 (PDF)