A chat with my OG gaming buddy

Hello friends!

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A fresh start

At the start of the year, I took the objectively insane decision to ditch my job and go full-time on miniature games design. For the last two months, I’ve been uploading regular Dev Diaries to YouTube, with the intent of sharing my journey, and providing a behind the scenes view of my game design process. You can check out the first Dev Diary video here, and I’d really love it if you choose to subscribe to the channel and join me on this (almost certainly doomed) journey into the indie game design wilderness.

You can read more about what I’m currently working on here.

A chat with my OG gaming buddy

Now, on with the most recent post…

John and I met when we started secondary school together. I had been playing HeroQuest (and I think Space Crusade) but John had the Warhammer box with the goblins in and I fell head-over-heels into the hobby.

My memories of this period of my gaming are hazy at best, but John has a great memory for the games we played together, and in this conversation I genuinely (re)learn some things that I’d completely forgotten with played and made.

John also recalls some of my earliest steps in game design, inspired in large part, he believes, by the Citadel Journal. This chat was a great walk down memory lane into the heart of 90s Games Workshop, and the culture of make do and mend that we all had when pocket-money wouldn’t stretch much past a single blister pack a month!