Hobgoblin Early Access released

After two years of intense development and a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, backers now have access to the Hobgoblin Early Access rules.

This PDF document contains the (near) final rules of the game, in their full and complete form. This early access document contains the full game, but it isn’t the final rulebook. That will contain a host of lore and fiction, plus artwork from CROM, in a glorious new layout.

If you backed the Kickstarter, thank you! You can download the Early Access rules by logging into Backer Kit. If you do, know that it’s not too late to provide feedback, and the community is extremely welcoming and busy in Discord and Facebook.

If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, but are curious to check out my game of brutal fantasy battles, IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Head over to Electi Studios to pick up a late pledge. You’ll pre-order the game and also get access to the Early Access rules.

I’m having a blast doing the final edits on the rules right now. The Early Access has found some real doozies hidden in the rules, and I’m really confident about the quality of the ruleset having had such an awesome bunch of people giving it a good hard kicking. The open beta phase of a game’s development, particularly the closing stages, is always and exciting time for me. I adore the energy and the two-wayness of the shared activity of putting a game through the mill and making sure everything is working right, understandable at first read and as balanced as anything reasonably can be.

Thanks to everyone that’s downloaded the Early Access so far, and head over to Electi Studios if you want to get involved.