The #chess28 Manifesto

The #chess28 Manifesto

We seek to liberate the chess board from a millennium of tedium. Let the richly-painted warriors of a thousand worlds battle across their checkered fields! Let the clatter of dice despoil their cold and logical perfection! Let the chess board be a playground of the imagination!

  1. We demand that chess be miniatures-agnostic. If a game prostitutes the chess board to the pageantry of painted figures, let it be #chess28.
  2. We demand that chess submit to the capricious whims of fate. If a game corrupts the use of the chess board by admitting chance, let it be #chess28.
  3. 28mm is a lie. #chess28 cares nothing for scale. If a miniature fits upon a chess square, let it be #chess28.

#chess28 games

I have published my first #chess28 game, Flagstone, via Itch. At the time of writing, I have three more in my notebook: a Dune II-inspired stealth-RTS, a Netrunner-style cyberpunk hacking game, a post-apocalyptic shoot-out with dynamic cover. I think there are endless opportunities to use this core system to make all sorts of games.

I hope others consider making #chess28 games, so we all have more awesome ways to play with our painted minis on chess boards.

Open Licence to my Chess28 Core Rules System

I offer my Chess28 Core Rules System under a Creative Commons CC by 4.0 licence for others to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, so long as attribution is given to me as the creator. The licence allows for commercial use. The rules are available here.

Only the core rules system is covered by the creative commons licence, the specifics of my individual games remain proprietary to me, including but not limited to: the Game Modes, the Factions, the Characters and Units, any unit- or faction-specific Special Abilities and rules, as well as any setting, lore, fiction, illustrations, page and card layouts, and the names of the games.

If you are inspired to make a #chess28 game, you are welcome to use my core rules system, or you are free to simply take the manifesto above and answer its question with your own rules system. If you do use my Chess28 core rules system, ask that you credit me and include the URL https://planetsmashergames.com  in such accreditation.

Chess28 Core Rules System © 2024 by Mike Hutchinson is licensed under CC BY 4.0.