Solo Play Rules

If I’m totally honest, launching my second wargame in the middle of a global pandemic is a tad daunting. Like many people, my tabletop gaming life for the last 12 months has consisted of two things: (1) playing online using Tabletop Simulator; and (2) playing by myself.

Solo Play Rules

I’m excited to announce the Solo Play Rules for A Billion Suns are available now for free download.

These Solo Play Rules are intended to leave the game mostly unaffected. You play a normal game of A Billion Suns, and the game (in the form of game-controlled ‘Independent Contractor’ ships) attempts to frustrate your plans and force your hand.

While it’s totally possible to play some wargames ‘against yourself’, and I frequently play many of my own games this way during play testing, it’s not for everyone. The intension is that Solo Play Rules for A Billion Suns more resemble the single-player mode of a video game, and the experience and skills you acquire during solo play transfer across into head-to-head and multiplayer games.

Tabletop Simulator

I have published a “Workshop Module” for Tabletop Simulator that provide you with a digital version of the game, ready to play. You just need to have Steam, purchase Tabletop Simulator, and “Subscribe” to this mod to get playing!

Play A Billion Suns on Tabletop Simulator

You can watch a battle report played on TTS here:

If you want to give the game a try but can’t meet with friends in person, TTS is a great option. It’s not as much as a faff as it seems at first, you’ll get the hang of it pretty fast. Huge thanks to Al Fuchs for the creating the first TTS mod for the game during beta-testing and making some great tokens. Find the mod here.