Free Quick Start Rules available now!

I have just put the finishing touches to a set of Quick Start Rules for A Billion Suns, available now as a free PDF.

These free quick start rules are intended to introduce you to the game and teach the basics. I hope that they offer an easy route into the game, as well as a perfect way to introduce new victims to the game if you are a fan and want to entice a friend into it.

Three classes of spaceship are available In the quick start rules. Many more feature in the full game, from wings of recon ships to colossal planet-smashing battleships.

I hope you enjoy these quick start rules. Many rules from the full game have been omitted, so after you have played and enjoyed these free quick start rules, please consider picking up a copy of the full A Billion Suns rulebook, available both physically and digitally from Osprey Games, and many other fine game and book retailers.