The Krakens Eye

The Krakens Eye is a tabletop miniatures wargame of fantasy battles on the high seas.

Fleets of bristling war galleons do battle with colossal sea monsters and enemy fleets. Captains of privateers hunt for the elusive kraken, the jewelled eyes of which lie at the centre of the magical economy of three powerful warring empires. Scenarios are provides for this and many other modes of play.

The Krakens Eye assumes that the cool things about fantasy wargaming are the magic and the monsters, and provides plenty of both. Games of The Krakens Eye will always be identifiable by the colossal sea monster that will inevitable be present on the tabletop. These may be employed as part of players’ fleets, or may be autonomous, as part of the terrain or objectives of the scenario.

Whilst the game is designed to use 1/300, 1/600 or 1/1200 scale age of sail miniatures from any manufacturer, sea monsters can be from any scale range, and using somewhat oversized miniatures for the sea monsters is encouraged. The Krakens Eye is as much inspired by the climatic scene of The Call of Cthulhu as that of Moby Dick.