Today's thrilling adventure sees our heroes battling The Mad Scientist, upon the Orient Express.

The objectives are Hunt the Fiends, Kill the Master, and Find the Precious.

Local Threats

6) The Captain

When you reveal this threat, replace the threat marker with a miniature to represent the Captain. When revealed, the Captain immediately ambushes as a villain. He counts as a minion with 8 Wounds and Skill 4. If a heroic model successfully takes the Parley action targeting the Captain, minimum difficulty 7, the Captain switches to being a teammate with no traits, under the control of the controller of the model that took the parley action.

7) Earthquake

Every hero within 6” of the revealer of this threat marker is immediately knocked down, including the revealer. Discard this threat marker after revealing.

8) Putrid Stench

This threat marker remains in play. All heroes within 6" suffer disadvantage on all attack actions.



Hunt the Fiends

At the end of the game, score points equal to the number minions the heroes killed during this game minus the number of minions still in play at the end of the game. This objective may score a minimum of 0 points and a maximum of 3 points.

Kill the Master

At the end of the game: if the heroes have killed all listed masters, they score 3 points.

Find the Precious

Before the game starts, take five playing cards from a standard pack, exactly one of which should be an Ace. Shuffle them to form the Precious Object Search Deck. If a hero on the villainous half of the table makes a successful Interact action with a piece of terrain that has not already been searched, they search the terrain: reveal the top card of the Search Deck. If the revealed card is the Ace, discard the Ace and place a Precious Object objective token in the possession of the active model. Otherwise, discard the card. At the end of the game, if there is a Precious Object token in the possession of a surviving hero: score 3 points.