Today's thrilling adventure sees our heroes battling a Nazi SS Gruppenführer, near Baba Yaga's hut.

The objectives are Find the Precious, Get Evidence, and Activate Contraption.


Find the Precious

Before the game starts, take five playing cards from a standard pack, exactly one of which should be an Ace. Shuffle them to form the Precious Object Search Deck. If a hero on the villainous half of the table makes a successful Interact action with a piece of terrain that has not already been searched, they search the terrain: reveal the top card of the Search Deck. If the revealed card is the Ace, discard the Ace and place a Precious Object objective token in the possession of the active model. Otherwise, discard the card. At the end of the game, if there is a Precious Object token in the possession of a surviving hero: score 3 points.

Get Evidence

A hero with the Photographer trait may take the following action:

(2) Take Photograph: Skill test. Range 6”. If a hero successfully takes this action against a master, place an Evidence objective token next to the model. The first time the Take Photograph action is taken in the game, increase the current threat level by 1.

At the end of the game, if at least one model is alive and in possession of an Evidence objective token: score 3 points.

Activate Contraption

Objective markers: Deploy three 30mm Switch markers: the first must be within 6” of the middle of the far board edge, the second must be within 9” of the far right-hand corner of the board, and the third must be within 9” of the far left-hand corner of the board. Each Switch marker must be deployed at least 3” from any other objective marker. Note: if you have multiple objectives that refer to Switch markers, use a single set of Switch markers shared by all objectives. A hero may interact with a switch. If successful, they may choose to activate the contraption. If all three Switch markers are successfully interacted with to activate the contraption during the same round, score 3 points and increase the threat level by 1. End Of Game Condition: The game ends at the end of the round on which this objective was scored.




Aggressive, Wounds 12, Skill 7


Pack Hunter, Wounds 4, Skill 4

To do

Local Threats


This threat marker remains in play. When a model within 6" declares a Walk action, they must pass a skill check or move at half speed during that action.

Creeping Horror

This threat marker remains in play. All heroes within 6" suffer disadvantage on all non-attack skill checks.

Raging Storm

This threat marker remains in play, and affects the whole board. All models’ maximum line of sight is now 6".