Mystic Skies

Mystic Skies is a fast-moving skirmish wargame, in which players control powerful sorcerers flying above the blasted sands on magical mounts to slay monsters, collect mana and raze enemy wizards towers whilst defending theirs.

Combining a brutal magic and combat systems with the nail-biting movement system from Gaslands, this standalone wargame provides a game of high-speed magical duels and monster hunting.


The deserts of Kummeria are awake. Deep in lightless tombs, foul creatures stir as an unnatural coalescent of magic begins to stain the crystal skies into a prism of colours. Scholars dig through cracked papyrus scrolls to find prophecies of a mystic time yet to come. Those learned in the sorcerous arts manoeuvre to claim the desert for themselves, raising great ceramic towers of ivory and bronze to gather and defend their growing hordes of crystallised magical enemy, known as mana. As the tide of monstrous foes rises, these powerful and power-hungry magicians hordes every greater stashes of mana, and sorcerous clashes above the sun-baked sands become every more regular and brutal.

In this new wargame, players take on the role of powerful mystics riding atop magic carpets, shining griffons, wheeling dragons and foul lich-wyrms, carving out sorcerous kingdoms in the blasted deserts of Kummeria. These mystics raise gleaming magical towers from the living sands, seeking and hoarding mana crystals to defend their fiefdoms from rampaging monsters, bandits and other nefarious sorcerers under the burning desert sun.

Each is accompanied into battle by a small band of scholars, rogues and guards, seeking to claim shimmering mana crystals from their rivals and defend their master’s tower.

This game includes 30+ spells drawn from five scrolls of wisdom, mana and magical tower rules, challenging scenarios, treasure tables, and a full bestiary of the most common creatures that inhabit the shifting deserts of Kummeria.