Mystic Skies is a fast-moving skirmish wargame, in which players control powerful sorcerers flying above the blasted sands on magical mounts to slay monsters, collect mana and raze enemy wizards towers whilst defending theirs.

Combining a brutal magic and combat systems with the nail-biting movement system from Gaslands, this standalone wargame provides a game of high-speed magical duels and monster hunting.

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Imagine yourself as a powerful sorcerer, soaring above the battlefield on a magic carpet. These mystics raise gleaming magical towers from the living sands, seeking to defend their fiefdoms from rampaging monsters, bandits and other nefarious sorcerers under the burning desert sun. Hordes of slavering monsters menace your tower of sorcery, desperate to rob you of your hard-won mana stores. You muster mercenaries, summon elementals and attempt to raze your nemesis’ tower before they can claim yours.

Players control a wizard on a magic carpet (or similar sorcerous mount), with a small warband of minions, defending their tower of sorcery from both the machinations of their opportunity and the onslaught of the constantly spawning wandering monsters. Wizards activate multiple times in a rounds, moving using Gaslands movement templates and casting spells. Spells in Mystic Skies are cast automatically, so the question is never “will I cast this spell”, but rather “which is the right spell to cast”. There are four schools of magic to choose from.

Released in September 2020 in Volume Two of BLASTER, Mystics Skies is a unique skirmish miniatures set in the world of Relicblade.